Noma Mexico Project | Mi Amor Tulum Boutique Hotel

NOMA Mexico Project

It’s just a few days after our friends at Noma departed from La Zebra. Noma Mexico-Colibri Boutique Hotels has been a wonderful partnership which began with Rene Redzepi’s love affair with Mexico, Tulum and with our hotels. We are grateful for the opportunity to have hosted Rene and his talented staff and to his enormous creativity and receptivity to the bounty of Mexico.


In appreciation of the natural setting of Tulum, Chef Redzepi chose to organically develop his restaurant environment. The canopy of the jungle became his ceiling and the natural trees and vegetation the frame. With the brilliant addition of lighting and staging, Rene transformed the jungle into a space that was even more mystical than before and resulted in a seven-week voyage into culinary magic, perfectly adapted to the beautiful setting that is La Zebra and Tulum.